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What is U.S. Tax Collect?

U.S. Tax Collect is the most convenient, easiest and safest innovative platform, which allows our customers to receive tax refund money from IRS (U.S. Tax Authorities) and State Tax Authorities online. 

This is the newest invention of two international money remittance companies TT Express and Payoneer, Inc. The companies have joined their resources to create a tool which is very popular among students, trainees or other individuals who are foreign nationals and who had income in the USA and are entitled to income tax refund.

We identified a huge problem U.S. foreign individuals face very often.  U.S. Tax Authorities are issuing tax refunds only to U.S. bank accounts or sending paper checks overseas and the only option to receive tax refund money for people who no longer have an active U.S. bank account the only option to receive tax refund money is to get a paper check from U.S. Tax Authorities. 

To deposit a paper check outside the U.S. banks became a great challenge, since most of the banks have stopped accepting U.S. dollar paper checks.  Thus, people who have received refund checks do not have a possibility to deposit them.

Therefore, with the partnership of Payoneer, Inc we have developed a tool where individual will be able to create a Virtual Master Card Account with U.S. bank account number and receive tax refund money in the most convenient, safe and timely manner.

To those who received a check we also offer a CHECK cashing service not only for Tax Refund checks, but all USD checks issued by the U.S. banks.

Please see our FAQ section for more detailed information.