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General Terms & Conditions



Each contract that you enter into with us consists of Money Collection from U.S. Tax Authorities.

“We”, “Us” or “Our” means TT Express UAB trading as U.S. TaxCollect (hereinafter U.S. TaxCollect).

The Money Collection - The Money Collection is when you, the payee (hereinafter Payee) receive your U.S. tax refund money using PAYONEER INC. (hereinafter Payoneer) services, including the Automated Clearing House (“ACH”) system and the Single Euro Payments Area (“SEPA”) system. ACH payments made to Payees by using Payoneer’s services hereunder shall be credited to the Payee‘s balance at Payoneer.
U.S. TaxCollect provides Payees direct HTML Link to the Payoneer website, where the Payee can register with Payoneer to use Payoneer as an option to receive ACH and SEPA payments in the United States and in the European Union.

U.S. TaxCollect will be screening all Payees according to fraud and Know Your Customer (“KYC”) screening procedures or any applicable law or regulation to decide whether the Payee can use the services and sign the contract with U.S. TaxCollect, but Payoneer may decide to not approve or suspend its services at Payoneer’s discretion, including where it requires more accurate information about the Payee/s, in accordance with Payoneer compliance and fraud policies and procedures, for anti-money laundering purposes and for other legal and regulatory related reasons.


Fees and Charges


We apply fees for Money Collection.  Fees are stated on the contract with each separate Payee and may be subject to change due to the requirements from the Payee.

The transmission or receipt of funds may incur additional charges from Payoneer.


The Conclusion of a Contract

When you submit a registration to enter into a contract through our website and after we verified your identity, the contract has been concluded and any inflows of money constitute final confirmation of the contract. If you breach the confirmed contract, you will be liable for any losses we incur on closing out or matching the contract.  


How to contact us

You can contact us in writing by email at info@ustaxcollect.com or by post to Ozeskienes g. 15, LT-44254 Kaunas, Lithuania.


Who we are?

We are TT Express Ltd. (trading as U.S. TaxCollect). Our registered office is at Ozeskienes g. 15, Kaunas 44254, Lithuania. TT Express Ltd. Company Registration number is 302699228. TT Express Ltd. is an authorized money remittance company (Licence no 24) regulated by Bank of Lithuania. We are therefore obliged to comply with all of the terms and regulations applicable to money remittance businesses under framework of The Payment Services Directive (2007/64/EC) and any amendments thereto.


2. Introduction and Contacting each other


2.1 This is a framework contract which sets out the terms of You and Us entering into a Contract.

2.2 You can contact Us by letter and email. Certain types of communication are not completely secure and You must ensure that You take the necessary precautions to ensure that others are not able to access, read or use any of your information without Your consent. We do not accept any liability for the interception of or interference with email communications by a third party.

2.3 We will contact You by telephone, email, letter or by posting messages on Our website.

2.4 It is Your responsibility to ensure that Your current contact details and the details of any personnel acting on Your behalf are correct and up to date. When We need to send You information, we are required by law to send it to the most recent address that we have on record. If You do not keep us informed of any changes then this may put the security of Your information at risk and You may not receive any updates relevant to this contract.

2.5 For training purposes and in order that we are meeting Our service standards we may record or monitor telephone calls and monitor electronic communications between us including emails. By entering into these terms and conditions, You consent to calls between Us being recorded.


3. Submitting your registration


3.1 Each registration is an offer by You to enter into a Contract with us. We may in Our sole discretion, refuse to proceed with a registration. The Contract will be formed on Acceptance. 

3.2 Registrations can be made through our website only. 

3.3 We will send you by email a Confirmation Note with the instructions how to proceed and create your ‘Payoneer account.


4. Your ‘Payoneer account

4.1. Creating your ‘Payoneer account is between you and ‘Payoneer.

4.2. Even if we verify your identity and approve for the program, Payoneer has a right to not approve your application. 

4.3. If you are approved by Payoneer, your active Payoneer account will be created and you will be entitled to get U.S. bank account number. 


5. Using bank account and routing number


5.1 Once you created a Payoneer account and assigned U.S. bank account and routing number you will have to fill in the US Tax Return (Declaration) and input the account and routing numbers in to the fields on your US Tax Return (Declaration).

5.2 US Tax Collect, nor Payoneer will not be able to help you to fill in your US Tax  Return (Declaration). You need to do it on your own, or request a help from tax preparers. 

5.2 Once you do so and send the US Tax  Return (Declaration) to US Tax Authorities you are done. 


6. Receiving your tax refund money and use


6.1 once you filled in the US Tax Return (Declaration) and have sent it to US Tax Authorities it will take time to receive your money. We can not tell you how long it might take. Usually you can try checking it Online on the US Tax Authorities Internet Website. 

6.2 Once US Tax Authorities has issued your tax refund and money have arrived on you Payoneer account, you will receive an email from Payoneer informing you about it. 

6.3 You can log in to Payonner account and see the balance, which you can use by transferring all or part of the funds to your bank account in your home country, by paying bay Payoneer MasterCard Online for goods and services or by getting your funds at any ATM. To use ATM you will need to order a plastic Payoneer MasterCard. 


7. Cancellations and Refunds


7.1 If you decide to cancel our services, you need to do it before you have used account and routing number on your Tax Return (Declaration) and have send it to US Tax Authorities. 

7.2. After your account at Payoneer has been created, you have sent your Tax Return (Declaration) to US Tax Authorities and your tax refund money has been deposited to your Virtual Account, we will no be able to cancel our services and will charge you for the services provided. 


8. User Identification and other regulatory procedures


8.1 We are entitled to verify the identity of our service users as per our Anti-Money Laundering Policy. We may defer acting upon every Registration, until we are satisfied as to the matters on which we have sought clarification and verification.

8.2 By entering into this contract, You covenant to observe any request in relation to Anti-Money Laundering and currency exchange control laws and regulations (if there are any applicable to you or your recipients). In particular You covenant to ensure that the information You provide relating to this contract is correct and accurate. In particular, You warrant that the information given in the Order is accurate and that the transfer of said funds will not constituent a breach of any Anti-Money Laundering and Exchange Control Laws and regulations.

8.3 Sometimes legal or regulatory bodies require additional information either in respect of our clients or their specific transactions. By signing this contract, You agree to supply such information, which any legal or regulatory authorities may require and/or which We may be required to supply in relation to You.

8.4 You irrevocably agree that We may retain any monies or funds transmitted to Us and/or not fulfill any Order if We are required to do so by the law or a legal or regulatory authority. We shall not be liable for any interest on such monies.

8.5 In additional to requesting documentation from You, We will complete additional checks to verify Your identity, these additional checks include but are not limited to, credit reference checks, sanctions check, news checks and checks of other available registers. By applying to use Our services you consent to us using any additional checks we deem appropriate.

8.6 To ensure that We manage Our risk and in order that We comply with Our regulatory obligations We also apply internal controls, including limits to certain types of payments. These measures are changed regularly but for security reasons are not disclosed. Online transactions are subject to a minimum and maximum transaction value determined by Us and We reserve the right to request further information before accepting any Order.


9. Liabilities


9.1 We will not be liable for any losses You suffer or costs that You incur when:

(a) We do not act upon an instruction for a reason specified in this contract;

(b) the details you have provided were incorrect; or

(c) We cannot carry out the instruction for any reason that is reasonably beyond Our control. This includes failure of any computer machine, electronic device, hardware or software or payment system and any act, omission or failure of any agent or third party.

9.2 We will not be liable for any losses You suffer or costs that You incur when if You have behaved fraudulently.

9.3 We will not be liable any losses You suffer or costs that You incur when any of third party including US Tax authorities, tax preparers or Payoneer by any reasons will not issue your funds, or your funds will be frozen for any period as we do not have any possibility to influence this process, which does not depends on us. 


10. Notification of changes


10.1 We may amend these terms and conditions from time to time, for example, in order to comply with changes in the law or regulatory requirements or due to changes in market conditions.

10.2 If We make any change to Our terms, We will do so in writing and notify You by email and/or post and/or by placing a notice on Our Website. We will also inform You of the date from which any change is to take effect (the “Effective Date”). The Effective Date will be at least 2 months after the date We notify You of the change. Changes that We make to these terms and conditions will normally apply to contracts entered into after the Effective Date but will also apply to Contracts entered into before the Effective Date where We are able to make them do so by law or regulatory requirements. You will be deemed to have accepted the changes to these terms unless You notify Us of contrary prior to the Effective Date. This does not affect Your right to terminate this contract immediately without charge prior to the Effective Date.


11. Ending this contract


11.1 These terms and conditions shall apply to all Contracts until such time as either party terminates this contract. Each Contract will expire automatically following full settlement of the services. 

11.2 You may terminate this framework contract at any time by providing Us with notice in writing. Contracts that have already been entered into will however remain in place.

11.3 We may terminate this framework contract at any time with notice in writing. Please note that this does not interfere with Our right to refuse to accept an Order in relation to each individual Contract.


12. Additional Provisions


12.1 By entering into this contract, You authorise Us to use third parties’ services to help Us provide Our service(s). If We are unable to provide a service as a result of the third parity’s technical failure We will still make reasonable efforts to utilise contingency arrangements that We consider suitable.

12.2 If We chose not to immediately exercise rights against You then this does not prevent Us from doing so later.

12.3 These Terms and Conditions and any disputes arising out of or related to our services are governed by and interpreted by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania, and each party hereto irrevocably submits to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the Republic of Lithuania. This is the case regardless of whether You reside or transact business with Us elsewhere in the world.

12.4 If any part of the contract is unenforceable, unlawful or void in any relevant jurisdiction then that part will be separated from the main contract, which shall remain valid and enforceable.

12.5 We may provide information to You from time to time but We will not and do not provide advice to You either upon the merits of a proposed Contract or upon any other matter. Before entering into any Contract You must therefore make Your own independent assessment as to whether it is appropriate for You based upon Your own judgment and upon such advice from such advisers as You consider necessary. It is an express term of every Contract which You enter into with Us that You are not relying upon any communication (written or oral) made by Us as constituting advice about or a recommendation to enter into such Contract.

12.6 You and all Authorised Persons must take all reasonable steps to keep all passwords in relation to contacting Us by telephone or gaining access to the website safe.

12.7 You are liable for all losses incurred , where You have acted fraudulently or You have acted with intent or gross negligence in failing to comply with any terms and conditions of Payoneer and tax law in the U.S. 

12.8 You will not be liable for losses relating to unauthorised use of a password after You have informed Us of the loss of that password except where You have acted fraudulently. Upon you becoming aware of any unauthorized or incorrectly executed payment transaction, you must notify Us without delay.

12.9 If there is any inconsistency between these terms and the provisions of any other contract, the provisions of this contract shall prevail.

12.10 Nothing in these terms and conditions is intended to, or shall be deemed to establish any partnership or joint venture between either of the parties, constitute one party the agent of the other party, nor authorise one party to make or enter into any commitments for and on behalf of the other party.

12.11 Only You and We have the rights, obligations or privileges under the Contract and no third party can enforce any of its terms or take any action under the contract.

12.12 We shall only be liable to You for any direct loss or damage caused to You or Your property by Us. In no event are We liable to You or any third party for any type of loss or damage which under governing law is considered to be indirect or consequential.

12.13 While We endeavor to ensure that our website is normally available 24 hours a day and We are accessible via Telephone during our usual working hours or such hours as displayed on our website, We will not be liable if for any reason the website is unavailable at any given time or the telephone lines are interrupted.