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We can cash any USD checks that has been issued in the United States of America.
No. We do not accept checks with expired dates. You should ask the check issuer for a new check before it can be cashed.
No. The check can be cashed only once, if you have cashed this check earlier and did not receive your money, you need to inform us.
If you do not inform us that this check has already been cashed earlier and we cash it for the second time, you will have to pay the amount back to us and pay a fine of 250 USD.
Check cashing will take up to 20 days, transferring money to Payoneer USD account, 30 days making international bank transfer, checks with the amount higher than 2000 USD will take up to 5 weeks.
No, you do not need to sign a check.



The main reason why our clients use this service is because this is the easiest way to receive U.S. tax refund. There are two ways to receive U.S. tax refund. First option is to get it by paper check and second is to receive money to U.S. bank account.
Since cashing paper check might cause you a lot of difficulties, the only other option for you is to get it to U.S. bank account. By applying for a Virtual Master Card Account, you will get U.S. bank account number, which you can use on your Tax Return (Tax Declaration) and receive your tax refund in the fastest and most reliable way.
The Master Card Virtual Account which we can create for you is tied with the U.S. bank account number which you can use on your Tax Return (Tax Declaration). Your tax refund money is sent electronically directly from U.S. Tax Authorities by ACH payment which means that the money will reach you much faster and safer.
If you choose to receive your refund as a paper check it might get lost in a mail as well as it will take a lot longer to receive it and you might face a huge problem to cash it since a lot of banks outside U.S. do not accept U.S. paper checks.
After you register and get U.S. bank account number you must use it on your Tax Return (Tax declaration). See the sample here.
When the money is transferred to your Virtual Master Card Account you will be notified by a separate email and you will be able to check the balance by logging in to your Payoneer account.
There are few ways how you can use the money. You can transfer the money to your local bank account or use it for the Online purchases.
NO. We are money remittance service providers, but not a tax preparer.  You can go to official U.S. Tax Authorities website (www.irs.gov) and find all the necessary information there or use the following options depending on your residential status:
  • If you are considered a non-resident for USA tax purposes, you can use companies, which specialize in preparing non-resident Tax Returns: www.rttax.com or www.sprintax.com
  • If you are considered as a resident for USA tax purposes you can use www.turbotax.com or www.hrblock.com tax preparation platforms. Here is one of the many Turbo Tax videos that you can find on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ALTEX39LXU0
    (This is not U.S. Tax Collect created video and we are not responsible for the content, or any results that may occur while filling your tax return)