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How does it work?

USD check cashing

If you have received your tax refund check from U.S. Tax Authorities, or any other USD check, we are the best solution for you to cash it!


1. Register for the account by clicking the “CASH YOUR USD CHECK” below

First, you have to register for the account by submitting personal information and required documents. Once we check and confirm your documents and information, you will have to send your check to us.

2. Send your check to us

Please send the check to the address provided in your personal account, or submit it to our partner agent in your country. The service fee depends on the country you live in, so when you finish signing up, you will see the service fee on your verification form and service agreement.

3. Create Payoneer Virtual MasterCard Account

Once we receive the check(s) from you, you will have to log in to your account and continue creating Payoneer Virtual MasterCard Account, where cashed check amount will be transferred to you.

Important: do not create a Payoneer account on your own, it needs to be opened through our dedicated link, which will be created during the proccess and you will find it once loged in to your US Tax Collect account.


Virtual Master Card account

  1. Register for the account. If you are interested in our service, the first thing you have to do is register for the account and submit personal information and required documents. After we check and confirm your documents and information you will have to continue your registration and create Payoneer Virtual Master Card Account.
  2. Receive U.S. bank account and routing number and use it on your tax return. After Payoneer registration you will have to wait for a few days until your Payoneer Account is approved and your U.S. bank account number and routing number is assigned to you. You will use these numbers on your U.S. Tax Returns (Tax Declarations) to receive your money to your Payoneer Virtual Master Card Account.  To find out how to fill your U.S. Tax Return, please go to official U.S. Tax Authorities website (www.irs.gov) and find all the necessary information there or use the following options depending on your residential status:
    • If you are considered a non-resident for USA tax purposes you can use companies, which specialize in preparing non-resident Tax Returns: 
      www.rttax.com or www.sprintax.com
    • If you are considered as a resident for USA tax purposes you can use www.turbotax.com or www.hrblock.com tax preparation platforms. Here is one of the many samples You can find Turbo Tax videos you can find on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ALTEX39LXU0
      (This is not U.S. Tax Collect created video and we are not responsible for the content, or any results that may occur while filling your tax return)
  3. Receive refunded money from U.S. Tax Authorities. Once you use the provided bank account number on U.S. Tax Declaration and if you are entitled to a tax refund, you will receive your money to your Payoneer Master Card Account as soon as your declaration is processed. When money is received, you can transfer them to your local bank account, use them for online purchases or withdraw cash at any ATM by ordering a plastic MasterCard.